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Empowering Communities with Health, Education & Wellness.

Arogya Saathi

Empowering individuals with awareness and facilitating access to quality healthcare and balanced nutrition for a healthier and happier life.

Vidya Saathi

Nurturing the potential of every individual by providing inclusive and holistic education and skills development.

Prakriti Saathi

Embracing a positive and sustainable economy that promotes the well-being of both society and balance with nature.

We partner with Non-profit organizations with shared common goals to achieve economies of scale of positive impact.

SvaDhruthi “Sva- Dhru-Thi” means
“To be Self Reliant” in Sanskrit.

Impact numbers

  1. Arygya Saathi – ABDM 
    • Onboarded 4 clinics across Karnataka
    • 700+ citizens to ABDM in villages
    • Awareness workshops
    • Engaged with over 50+ Doctors – Ayurvedic, Allopathic 
    • 3 districts positively impacted Uttara kannada, Mandya, Bangalore districts
    • Localization with translation service for ABDM adoption: 50+ documents of ABDM training material into 2 languages (Kannada, Tamil)
    • Sleep & Mental health: 25 cots to 2 anganwadis. 
  2. Vidya Saathi
    • 155 students sponsored to learn Values based language education
    • 2 schools, over 100+ hrs of lesson time, 5 workshops
    • 2 SMART classrooms 
  3. Prakriti Saathi
    • Raising funds for 150 cows, supporting 2 Goshalas

Let us work together to make a difference!

Our Flagship Initiative!

To support India's National Digital Health Mission (NDHM)

The primary goal is to increase awareness and adoption of India's National Digital Health Platform (NDHP), specifically through a service that involves localization and translation.
Our service specializes in adapting and translating content. This includes marketing materials, onboarding processes, and training content to make them more suitable and understandable for the local audience.


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Our Work


Technical Volunteer at SvaDhruthi

Volunteering at SvaDhruthi has been both fulfilling and transformative. I had the opportunity to create a strong framework to make healthcare accessible which will continue to serve as a catalyst for its future success.


Cancer survivor

I am a cancer survior. SvaDhruthi team helped me with using Ayushman benefits and I have ABHAID now & use my phone for health records. I want to help more people like me and want to join the team.

Vithul Ravivarma

SvaDhruthi volunteer

I joined SvaDhruthi because the mission appealed to me: improving healthcare accessibility across India. I loved working in a program which had the people in mind.

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