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SvaDhruthi “Sva- Dhru-Thi” means
“To be Self Reliant” in Sanskrit.

At SvaDhruthi, we strive to provide equitable access to education, wellness & health for the vulnerable. We believe these are the essentials to enable a sustainable, circular economy, one community at a time.

Promote Access to Education for Children.

Provide wellness & health for the vulnerable.

Our Goals for 2024!

We partner with Non-profit organizations with shared common goals to achieve economies of scale of positive impact.

Our Executive Committee

We are a women led organization passionate about
social impact and environmental stewardship.

Beena Suresh


Ramya Grama




Dr. Annapoorna Bhat

Arogya / Health Leader

Dr. Shreedevi Bhat

Health Leader

Manjula V

Community Leader

Shashi Rekha

Education Leader

Our Causes

  1. Digital Learning Centers for the underprivileged provide access to educational opportunities for all.
  2. English Language Education empowers individuals to connect globally.
  3. Adopt a Cow or Goshala promotes compassion towards animals.
  4. Health & Hygiene Literacy for Girls empowers girls for better well-being.
  5. Cots for Kids provides comfortable sleeping arrangements for children in need.