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Our Media Featuring!

Celebrating women's history month!

It is an honor to highlight the work of our passionate volunteers, who are striving to Empowering communities to thrive sustainably & have access to education, health & wellness.


I will be talking about our Mission, Impact and request listeners interested in joining hands to amplify the work in either India or US to register as volunteers.

We have a virtual Art competition in April & an in-person art show in May. – Supporting The Sophia way to help women facing homelessness get meals, toiletries, shelter & a home. Click here to register.
($25 ticket) Competition starts April 8 to April 26. Registrations close April 5th. Judging April 27-30. Winners announced on May 2nd. All submitted artwork will be displayed at the “Art show” on May 15th.

If you live around Seattle, art pickup/drop off locations will be shared.

Arogya Vikas Abhiyaan

Empowering individuals with awareness and facilitating access to quality healthcare and balanced nutrition for a healthier and happier life.

Vidya Saathi: Education

Nurturing the potential of every individual by providing inclusive and holistic education, focusing on mental strength, competencies, and skills development.

Prakriti Saathi: Nature

Embracing a positive and sustainable economy that promotes the well-being of both society and the environment, fostering harmony and balance with nature.