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Our Initatives

SvaDhruthi has been at the forefront of transformative initiatives aimed at fostering positive change in education, health, and the environment.

India’s National Digital Health Platform (ABDM)

The primary goal is to increase awareness and adoption of India’s National Digital Health Platform (NDHP), specifically through a service that involves localization and translation. Our service specializes in adapting and translating content. This includes marketing materials, onboarding processes, and training content to make them more suitable and understandable for the local audience.

Digital Learning Centers & Libraries

In Karnataka’s villages of Kere Thonnur and Bindiganavile, an initiative is helping 150 rural kids and women due to low literacy rates. Two learning centers are set up to improve education and overall development. They provide essential resources like internet, power backup, and 20 tablets for learning. Specialized content and a library for grades 1-10 are available. The learning experience is enhanced with a laptop, projector, mic, and speaker. The project also creates jobs for teachers. Besides education, it includes health and digital literacy camps, and language classes for a well-rounded impact on women and youth in these communities.

Bhaasha ShikShaNa(Language Education)

In the calm village of Lakshmisagara in Karnataka’s Mandya District, a project is helping 150 rural kids with English and communication skills. They teach and make interesting content to help kids become more confident speakers. People in the community can get involved by volunteering to read stories and teach English. They can also create digital content on topics like health and the environment. If someone wants to support this project, they can donate $100 every month for a year. This effort is all about helping kids in Lakshmisagara communicate better and giving them important skills for the future.

The Goshala Project

In Lakshmisagara village, Karnataka, a meaningful effort supports 150 cows in two Goshalas due to insufficient feed affecting their well-being and the environment. The focus is on sustainable care for the cows and Goshala operations to create a Nature Positive Community. People can help by adopting a cow for $55/month or $650/year, supporting Goshala maintenance with $200/month or $2400/year, and contributing a minimum of $250 or any amount for a local marketplace of biodegradable byproducts. This initiative aims to ensure cow well-being, promote sustainability, and positively impact the local community and the environment.

Holistic Health practice & health Literacy

In Kere Thonnur village, Karnataka, an effort is underway to empower 100 rural women and girls for two years, focusing on health and the environment. The initiative provides health education, guidance, and tools for personal hygiene, sex education, and health assessments. The aim is to create a community that is aware of health choices. You can support by donating $10/month or $120/year, which helps with supplies, education workshops, and job creation for locally made sanitary products. Another way to help is by volunteering to create educational content and supporting hybrid education workshops. This initiative aims to make a positive and lasting impact on the well-being and awareness of the community.

Cots for Kids

In Karnataka’s villages, an effort is helping 100 students who currently nap uncomfortably on hard floors. The goal is to provide day cots for a restful sleep, making it more comfy and hygienic for these underprivileged kids. This initiative aims not just for physical comfort but also to boost the mental well-being of these children, making them happier and improving their learning. A $30 donation covers the cost of one day cot, and $1 a day can provide a cot for a child for a whole year. The target is to raise $3000 to support 100 students in anganwadi centers. Contributing to this cause helps create a better environment for these students to rest, promoting mental health and happiness, and enabling them to learn and thrive more effectively.

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